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Board of Directors

Mountain Health’s Board of Director’s come from varied industries and professions. They are brought together through their passion of improving the health and well-being of the whole person.

“It is a great experience to be a part of an organization that continues to grow and be such an important service to the communities.”
– Pat Cannon, Board Treasurer

Board Members

Greg Ryan - Vice Chairman

Carol Snyder

Mark Ostrander

Randy Lenac- Chairman

Rich Volker- Secretary

Jeff McCall

Joan Baumann

Pat Cannon- Treasurer

Arvilla Johnson

Becky Kirkwood

Advisory Board Members

Rudy Lopez

John Ing

Kathi Lencioni

Randy Lenac- Chairman

Ann Pierce

Steve Van Zant

Robert “Craig” Wiederkehr

Kate Anderson

Chris Wahl

Robert Ring

Jim Mulvaney, Jr.

Benjamin Everhart

Cameron Durckel

Barbara Schantz-Louis

Reese Reeves

Yvonne Bell

Check Hansen

Joseph Bauers

Board Members Advisory Board Members
Randy Lenac- Chairman Ann Pierce
Greg Ryan- Vice Chairman Barbara Schantz-Louis
Rich Volker- Secretary Benjamin Everhart
Pat Cannon- Treasurer Cameron Durckel
Arvilla Johnson Chris Wahl
Carol Snyder Chuck Hansen
Jeffery McCall Craig Wiederkehr
Mark Ostrander Doug Paul
Rebecca Kirkwood Jim Mulvaney Jr.
Yvonne Bell John Ing
Kate Anderson
Kathi Lencioni
Reese Reeves
Robert Ring
Joseph Bauers

Are you interested in becoming a Board or Advisory Board Member? Please contact for information.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Convenient Locations Throughout San Diego County
  • Non-Profit Federally Qualified Health Center
  • Provide High Quality Comprehensive Primary Health Care
  • Treat All Patients, Regardless of Their Ability to Pay